Anyone have a datasheet for a Datel MX-1606?

joe heck trash3 at
Mon Oct 23 19:27:54 CDT 2006

Hi Ethan,
	Datel Systems, Inc, Engineering Product Handbook, 1977 has 4 pages on 
the MX-808, MX-1606, MXD-409 and MXD-807.  pictures, mechanical 
dimensions, specifications connections and application (pinouts) and 
performance.  Should I run the copies down to you?  You pay the gas...

Joe Heck

Ethan Dicks wrote:

>> From my googling, I can see that this is a 16-channel CMOS
> multiplexer.  I have 3 here, harvested from a university-built bit of
> laboratory hardware and I'm wondering if I can put them to use in
> something.  What I lack is a pinout or any detailed specs.
> Anyone have any in-depth info on the MX-1606?
> Thanks,
> -ethan

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