CD-ROM archiving

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Thu Oct 26 08:03:44 CDT 2006

Seth J. Morabito wrote:
> Hey folks,
> Does anyone have any guidelines about making archival images of
> CD-ROM media?  For years, I've been using dd on Solaris or Linux
> to dump the raw bytes of CD-ROMs, and cdrecord if I want to make
> a copy from the raw image, but I don't know if this is considered
> "good enough" to preserve all the associated filesystem and partition
> structures of the disc.  It has been for me, so far, but I'd like to
> hear other opinions on the matter.  How do you archive CD-ROM images?

Hmm, won't most tools create an ISO filesystem image from a CD? I would expect 
that's good enough in nearly all cases, although possibly not for things like 
games consoles where I believe the original media's screwed around with as an 
anti-piracy measure.

Personally I find that I only ever use a few percent of the commercial 
software on a CD, though - e.g. I'll just install the app but not all the 
bundled junk that comes with it. Saving an archive image means you get 
everything, warts and all. For a true archive you should save everything, but 
if it's really just for personal use I'd be tempted to just save what you 
think you'll need.

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