Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Oct 29 05:28:43 CST 2006

Witchy wrote:
> On Sun, October 29, 2006 12:03 am, Al Kossow said:
>> http://ict1301.co.uk/13012006.htm
>> A bit more up to date than the previous url
> Hm, I'm driving through Kent later on today, I wonder if I could call in
> and have a visit? :)

I'm pretty sure that's the machine which some of our lot from Bletchley went 
to see earlier this year (I think I was in the US at the time) - Steve got 
some nice video of it all which was accessible to our group.

I've definitely got a local copy back in the UK; I can check with the relevant 
people once I'm back in the UK and upload it somewhere if necessary...



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