Large machines in private hands

Al Kossow aek at
Sun Oct 29 11:25:29 CST 2006

>> I've been pondering the fact there is so little communications with the UK
>> old iron folks recently.
> By and large they're a quiet bunch :) I'm keeping tabs on quite a few big
> systems in private hands at the moment - they're out there and being looked
> after, but the owners aren't interested in the publicity.


The same appears to be true over here. I know of very few big iron
collectors here. I thought I'd here about more working at CHM, but if
they're out there, they don't have any contacts with the Museum either.
I keep hoping someone has some private stash of mainframe software, but it
hasn't surfaced yet.

It was interesting to talk to Doron while he was here about the relationship
between the Science Museum and CCS.

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