Collections of (physically) large computers

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Sun Oct 29 16:31:59 CST 2006

Hey All,

On 10/29/06, Chuck Guzis <cclist at> wrote:
> On 29 Oct 2006 at 5:46, Jules Richardson wrote:
> > The question of who has the smallest computer might be an interesting one.
> > Whilst in later years the technology allowed machines to pack a lot more
> > electronics into the case, the physical size didn't really decrease much - and
> > in a lot of cases got bigger (quite often due to built-ins like disk drives
> > that didn't *need* to be part of the main system).
> I think you need look no further than your moble phone or perhaps
> your wristwatch....  :)
> The mobile probably has far more computing power--and quite possibly
> (depending on mode) more storage and a higher-resultion display.

Strange you should say that. While working on an old sun 3 system
earlier in the year I was using a PC as a TFTP and NFS server. The PC
was fitted with USB sockets. My mobile is fitted with a 1GB MMC card
and wants to behave as a USB mass storage device if you connect the
comms cable and live with the defaults. So, suddenly the thought
struck me, I can use my mobile as a boot device (disk at least) for a
sun 3 system. And my phone (Nokia 3260i, Australian firmware) is a bit
smaller and lighter than the average Fujitsu Eagle!

Didn't quite implement it, but when I do I'll take some photos and add
them to a web page somewhere.



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