Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Oct 29 18:48:02 CST 2006

While repairing a floppy drive with a shorted a bypass cap, I noticed 
that the manufacturer had very thoughtfully inserted a picofuse in 
the DC supply line.  Predictably, it was the 10 ohm resistor in 
series with the voltage regulator that turned to toast.  The fuse is 
none the worse for wear.

This brought to mind an old friend who earned her living as a field 
engineer for DEC.  At one point, she mentioned that resistor- and 
transistor-protected fuses were a regular pattern for DEC equipment.  
This would be back in the early 70's, BTW.

Did her observation reflect reality?  Are there any other 
manufacturers that routinely engaged in this practice?


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