Discussion of large systems

Ashley Carder wacarder at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 30 20:51:28 CST 2006

>>Surviving systems from before 1975 are very rare animals, esp mainframes,
>>since so many of them have been scrapped for precious metals. Sadly, there
>>is even less software that has survived. CHM didn't start seriously
>>collecting documentation nor software prior to the move to the West Coast in
>>the 90's. While they have an impressive collection of hardware, and a pretty
>>decent collection of US computer documentation now, the software holdings
>>pre 1975 are minimal.

How many 1970s era or earlier mainframes are actually up and running
(or in working condition) somewhere?  I have not really followed mainframe
collecting, although I did work on IBM 370 and 30xx mainframes in the 1980s.


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