1983 Micro prices (was Re: The Origins of DOS)

Adrian Graham witchy at binarydinosaurs.co.uk
Tue Oct 31 17:16:49 CST 2006

Fred, Fred, Fred,

If you'd read my original message fully you'd have seen me mention not only
the magazine name but also its publishers.

> The IBM PC (5150) was launched in the USA in AUGUST 1981.
> By '83, the XT had taken over, and the AT was being almost ready to
> release.

*I* know that, I was quoting from the magazine.
> What this implies is that the PC was several years delayed in UK.

No, this implies I was quoting from a magazine.
> The PC (5150) ALWAYS had space for TWO floppy drives.
> The XT had space for one, with the other bay occupied by a 10M drive.

See above.

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