1983 Micro prices (was Re: The Origins of DOS)

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Tue Oct 31 18:26:03 CST 2006

On 31/10/06 23:52, "Tony Duell" <ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk> wrote:

>> HH Tiger: 2700
>> IBM PC: 2390
> You mean a Tiger was more expensive than an IBM PC? No wonder the former
> didn't sell... OK, it's a nice machine (Z80 + 6809 for I/O + 7220
> graphics chip), but still...

According to this magazine here next to me, yes. I need to dig out my copy
of 'Personal Computer News' that had the Tiger on the cover plus in-depth
review to be sure. Presumably you know the Tiger was a Tangerine design that
had been bought by H|H, a company still known for its guitar amplifier
units? Why H|H decided to try to break into the PC market is anyone's guess.

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