commodore 64/128 question

B Degnan billdeg at
Sat Sep 2 15:26:58 CDT 2006

> So, my question is - for the c128 people... if I really just want a 
> > C64, 
> will the C128's C64 emulation be 100% and make me happy? If so 
I'd like a 
> 128 as long as I'm going for a C64 so I have some extra functionality 
> play with. But if the C128 won't run 100% of the C64 software, 
then I'd best 
> just stick with getting a C64.
> Advice?
> Jay

For all intents and purposes the 128 will work as a 64 without incident.
What you get with the 128 is faster file processing when used in 
conjuntion with a RAM expansion and 1571/1581 drives.  THe OS is 
newer so you get BASIC 4 in 128 mode which I find useful.  I switch 
to 64 mode only to play games.  The C 128 is the most-used computer 
in my  old computer work.  For example, I can use it as a bridge 
between the B-128 world and the PC world.

B128-->IEEE-->sfd-1001-->IEEE/serial adapter-->C128-->1571-->1581-
->720K drive PC-->Internet  

Bill D

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