Commodore hacking and hardware tricks (was Re: commodore 64/128 question)

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Mon Sep 4 01:12:58 CDT 2006

On Sunday 03 September 2006 11:54 pm, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> > > I think it's called hooking your C64/128 up to a PC via a X1541 (or
> > > newer) cable, and using the PC as a drive via the appropriate
> > > software.  This is one of the solutions I'm thinking of trying.
> > > Apparently it allows you to use the PC as a 1541, and to use emulator
> > > images.
> >
> > But that doesn't get this disks read in the first place!  It seems to me
> > that the 1571 drives "gobble" old diskettes more easily than do other
> > drives.  By "gobble" I mean peel the oxide right off the cookie, usually
> > accompanied by a squeal that says "your floppy's toast!"
> Interesting -- I've had no problems of that sort with any of the 1571s I've
> owned. In fact, I like them better than the 1541s, especially since
> alignment issues are much, much rarer.

The one mechanical problem that I've seen in a fairly small number of 1571s is 
when the bit that normally flexes as the head assembly is opened and closed 
actually fractures on one side.  That springy bit being broken would tend to 
have the effect of cocking the upper head at an angle,  which might account 
for the munching of the media.

They have alignment issues much less than 1541s because the 1571 typically 
includes a track zero optical sensor to tell the drive electronics when it's 
there so you don't have that constant hammering going on.

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