C64 Success!

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Mon Sep 4 03:34:32 CDT 2006

After a very, very long time I have one of my C64's up and running 
(after a lot of cleaning tonight I was actually able to find a good 
place to get to it).  However, I was only able to get one of the two 
1541's up and running, it seems that one of my Serial cables is bad 
:^(  What are the odds of one of the cables going bad while in 
storage, while the hardware itself seems OK.

Didn't have a Joystick with the box of cables and stuff, but did have 
a pair of paddles, and just finished playing a few games of Omega 
Race :^)

Now if I could just find that Lunix floppy!


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