Stuff available

djg at djg at
Mon Sep 4 08:31:53 CDT 2006

   Work is moving to a new building after 20 years so some strange stuff
is appearing.  If multiple people want the same thing the one offering 
something PDP-8 in trade wins, someone with immediate need, otherwise I 
randomly pick.  You pay shipping from 20817 Maryland.  Email me direct 
if interested.

1) Multibus I stuff.
   Bus analyzer - hook up to terminal and capture whats going on on bus
   Wirewrap proto card - .3, .4, .6 dip capable
   Possibly an extender card - We used to have them but haven't seem them
      appear yet.
   Stardent manuals and distribution tapes - heavy.
   Intel PL/M 86, I2ICE, AMD 29k, TI 340xx (graphics processor) manuals.

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