Minimal KDJ11 system

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Tue Sep 5 14:38:55 CDT 2006

Hi David,

Can I give you a call to discuss this?

Thanks, Paul

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I am about to drastically cut back on my collection of PDP-11  
hardware. After giving away everything on the list posted in another  
message, I will have the following QBus boards left:

M8192 (KDJ11-A)
M8059KF (128KW RAM, two)
M8047CA (boot, serial, RAM)

What I'd like to do is find a small QBus backplane and power supply  
that will accept these four cards and then use the TU58 emulation  
software to boot RT-11 over a serial link to a PC. I understand that  
this will be slow but most of my work with PDP-11s so far has been  
with the PDT-11/150 and its floppy drives are very slow. Maybe I'll  
feel right at home!

In any case, does anyone have a small QBus backplane and power supply  
that they are willing to sell or trade?

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