2.4 Megabyte Floppies

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Fri Sep 8 16:22:52 CDT 2006

Jim?? wrote....
> I am looking for the Microcode variety.  I have a lot of Drivetec media,
> but I am not certain that is what is needed for the 2.4mb drives.

I missed this thread.... are you looking for the microcode floppies for 3174 
at config level C to use TN3270? If so, don't spend a lot of time looking 
for them, cause you can call IBM's microcode division and get a free set of 
disks. No licensing paperwork, no cost... just say you need a set and it'll 
arrive in the mail. That's what I did to get my 3174 with TN3270 up and 


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