C64 Fuse?

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Fri Sep 15 15:46:15 CDT 2006

> 	What?!?  You don't like the 500XJ?!  That is my fav joystick 
> (along with the Wico one that looks like it but is covered in soft 
> grey rubber).  The only problem I had with the 500XJ was one of the 
> pieces inside breaking that holds the switch assembly in place after 
> furious joystick waggiing..  I loved how it fits your hand so well.

Hate it.  Hate the way it fits my hand.  I still haven't found my good Wico
ones (the ones with the long red stick).  I might just see about heading up
to storage, yet again, this weekend to look.  At least it shoudl be a lot
cooler up there as the weather has improved.

After playing Overloard/Supremacy on the C64, I really want to get my A500
back out :^) The interesting thing is, that game felt faster on my C64 than
the PC version ever did on my 386sx/16 and 486dx/33!

> 	I think there was a motion controlled stick available at the 
> time but I am not sure how well it worked...  Plus I think you would 
> lose the feed back you get from a normal joysick.

You loose the feedback and just think about your hand getting bumped by
someone (or even sneezing).

> 	Wouldn't an interface for the spinner to a C64 be simpler 
> then a MAME inteface (USB?) since for the C64 you would just be 
> hooking up the POT X/Y?

No idea, haven't looked into either.  I do rather like the one I have for
the Atari 5200 :^)


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