Arcade Trackballs (was: Re: C64 Fuse?)

Robert Feldman r_a_feldman at
Fri Sep 15 16:07:50 CDT 2006

>From: bpope at (Bryan Pope)
>P.S. Speaking of "different" controllers, has anybody wired up an
>arcade quality spinner or trackball (by themselves) to use with
>a C64 or other similar system?

About 15 years ago I wired a number of Happ Control Atari arcade trackballs 
to generic PC mice to use in exhibits at the Field Museum of Natural History 
in Chicago. These trackballs use a pair of optical sensors on both the X and 
Y axes, like the mice did, so I desoldered the sensors from the mouse 
circuit board and ran wires to the sensors on the trackballs, bypassing the 
rest of the circuit on the trackball.  Worked fine. Happ now sells interface 
units for PC's.

I kept the "prototype" unit for myself, and used it for 10 years before 
having to clean the rollers and lube the bearings for the first time. I 
don't use it now because the laptop I have does not have a serial port.


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