Arcade Trackballs (was: Re: C64 Fuse?)

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Fri Sep 15 17:21:02 CDT 2006

On Fri, 15 Sep 2006, Robert Feldman wrote:

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> >P.S. Speaking of "different" controllers, has anybody wired up an
> >arcade quality spinner or trackball (by themselves) to use with
> >a C64 or other similar system?
> >
> About 15 years ago I wired a number of Happ Control Atari arcade trackballs
> to generic PC mice to use in exhibits at the Field Museum of Natural History
> in Chicago. These trackballs use a pair of optical sensors on both the X and
> Y axes, like the mice did, so I desoldered the sensors from the mouse
> circuit board and ran wires to the sensors on the trackballs, bypassing the
> rest of the circuit on the trackball.  Worked fine. Happ now sells interface
> units for PC's.
> I kept the "prototype" unit for myself, and used it for 10 years before
> having to clean the rollers and lube the bearings for the first time. I
> don't use it now because the laptop I have does not have a serial port.

There's a line of gizmos with names that include the string "ipac" which
are intended for interfacing arcade controls with PCs in various ways.

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