C64 ASM Question

Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Sat Sep 16 14:46:34 CDT 2006

> Now for what is no doubt a very stupid question that I'm hoping 
> someone can help with.
> I'm using "Turbo Macro Assembler '05", and have verified that it 
> works with the following simple little program that I got off the web:
>             * = $1000
> loop:      inc $d020 ; increment $d020
>             jmp loop  ; jump to label loop
> I can get <-- 3 "Assemble and run" to work just fine, however while 
> <-- 5 "Assemble to disk" seems to work, how on earth do I execute the 
> program that is created?  Obviously I need to do a:
> It loads just fine, and I assume I need a SYS statement with an 
> address to start it, but what on earth should that address be?

I don't know if TMA needs you to specify a starting address to assemble
to disk; most of the hosted assemblers don't, but many of the cross
assemblers do (xa does, for example -- I need to make a FAQ about that).

Assuming it does not, SYS 4096 will run it.

Assuming it does (the computer crashes), add a .byt $00, $10 above the *=
(some assemblers will accept .word).

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