Personal Iris IRIX issues and other related questions...

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Mon Sep 18 09:23:47 CDT 2006

Josh Dersch wrote:
> Thanks for the tips.  This morning the machine actually booted to the 
> IRIX login screen but crashed to a black screen as soon as I tried to do 
> anything graphics-intensive, so it looks like your assessments are 
> correct, it's definitely a sporadic hardware failure.

Is this a 4D/35? (I've gone and deleted the original email now!)

If so...

ISTR that the ones with the better graphics options had a small fan over one 
of the chips, and some info on the web suggested that this was prone to 
failure. Worth a check.

I'd got the impression that lots of them had the graphics upgraded after 
purchase, but they weren't also treated to the better chassis fan that the 
factory machines had - resulting in the machine slowly cooking itself :( 
Hopefully that's not the case with yours...



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