CP/M for Fairchild F8 ?

Holger Veit holger.veit at iais.fraunhofer.de
Tue Sep 19 06:59:46 CDT 2006

Jos Dreesen / Marian Capel schrieb:
> I found a scrapped box today  at work :
> 2 8" floppydrives , RS232 and  printer  interfaces. Internally an F8 
> chipset ( F3850 / F3852 / F3854) with a WD1771 fdc.
> Strangely enough a set of floppies lay on top, labeled Cp/M, Basic 
> CP/m Pascal etc.
> Was there ever a CP/M version for the F8 ??
>                      Jos Dreesen
The original F8 processor (not the later single chip 3870) is a rather 
obscure beast which has ROM modules that contain its own independent PC 
and stack. Its focus was largely embedded applications and also video 
consoles - the board you have found might be an intelligent I/O 
subsystem that was connected to a real CP/M system if the presence of 
CP/M floppies is not just pure coincidence.
The F8 itself is not at all compatible to the 8080 or Z80 so it won't 
run CP/M, not even emulate it.


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