UK Science Museum Exhibition features PDP-1?

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Sep 19 18:07:32 CDT 2006

>  From my perspective, "Game On" was great for my kids:  They hear me talking 
> about old computers but haven't ever been face-to-face with a PDP
> or a vector display or have much understanding that computers were
> indeed only monochrome for quite a while.  

You mean you've not let them loose on your own collection? Why not?
> And perhaps you don't have recent exposure to prices at tourist spots.  

Thankfully not. But what I do have is a good idea of what I expect to get 
for a given amount of money, and that exhibition doesn't seem to provide 
it (at least not compared to other museums, albeit not in London, that I 
have visited recently).


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