CompuPro floppy controller differences

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Tue Sep 19 13:45:40 CDT 2006

On Monday 18 September 2006 09:46 pm, Allison wrote:
> >It says put an 8" ON a PC, not IN it.
> >If you use two side by side drives horizontally,
> >then it is a lot more stable to put the PC on the 8"
> Of course starting with the half height 8" drives helps.  They are only
> about 2.5" tall.
> What is more interesting is what a PC with two 8" drives would
> weigh in at!   Most of the good 8" drives were a very solid hunk
> of aluminum.
> I have a heath H207 dual drive.  That's two half height doubled sided
> drives one atop the other and a linear power supply.  Weighs more
> than full up NS* Horizon (wood case)!  It's only 13.5x5.5x17 inches.

I'm not sure what they are offhand,  but the 8" drives that came along with my 
Imsai are about that tall.  And in a serious industrial-type case that the 
Imsai is sitting on top of...

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