LGA CPU feature (may or may not be on-topic) (REPOST)

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Tue Sep 19 11:31:21 CDT 2006

"Chuck Guzis" wrote:
>a servers.  Fortunately, I had the SMART monitoring enabled on Linux and it
>diagnosed the "Drive is in imminent danger of failing" condition.  Whole
>tracks were going sour.  Replaced it with a 9GB Quantum of approximately

anyone on the list privy to failure analysis reports on modern IDE/SATA

i'm just curious what fails...  does the read channel become noisy?  if so,
why?  or do the heads fails?  (again, why?) or does the positioning fail?
(again, why?)  

i've just been curious what fails these days.  seems like they should
run a lot longer than they do.  stiction and motor driver failures make
senses but I never see then any more.  now days they just seem to stop
reading data correctly.


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