Unidentified ISA card

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Tue Sep 19 20:54:49 CDT 2006

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> At 09:30 20/09/2006, you wrote:
> >I recently got this card in and have no idea who made it.
> >...
> >The main card is LV-007 and the TV tuner part is LV-008
> >
> >Major chips are CHIPS F82C9001, Phillips Saa 7151B, Phillips 9065.
> >
> >I am pretty sure it is a video capture/TV tuner card but I need to find
> >out who made it to find drivers. The cable on top would be to connect to
> >VGA card I would think, but it looks like it also has VGA cable to put
> >inline with VGA output (redundant?). The little connector on the bezel
> >side bottom looks like a mini headphone jack.
> On http://dg3aaf.no-ip.com:8080/sites/bttv%20gallery.htm there is a Genius
> LiveView LV-005 so I'd say it's a Genius Card, but I haven't found
> else useful.
> Tony

I would think genius just private labeled the card, liveview sounds like the
original manufacturer. There is a www.liveview.com.tw but I can't read
Chinese, using www.archive.org  I found out that www.liveview.com has been
used for porn since the 90's (figure).

I think the card is probably from the early 1990's

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