C64 Serial Port finished!

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Wed Sep 20 11:35:57 CDT 2006

>Nice job. However, if you really want the bomb as far as RS-232 on the
>Commodore, consider a SwiftLink, Turbo232 or other 6551 ACIA-based
>cartridge (there are plans on the web for building your own clone, too).

I seriously considered buying the Turbo232, and realistically if you 
count my time, it would have been cheaper.  However, I wanted to 
build my own (my VIC-20 was expanded with home-built stuff), and also 
figured I'd be up and running faster.

>I'm working on a library that will let you use a Lantronix UDS-10 (or
>compatible unit) and a 6551 to do easy TCP transactions. I've got it
>doing Gopher protocol, and I'm going to add on some guts to make DNS
>queries easier. Once I get it working on the 6551-based cartridges, I will
>expand it to the user port, probably with George Hug's routines (but
>limited to 2400bps).

The UDS-10 looks like an interesting device to add in.  I don't like 
my current setup as I have to boot up my Pentium 4, which I basically 
never use.  I want to see about getting TCPSER running on a Unix box 
that's always up, as that would be a much better solution for me.

I've been thinking of picking up the Retro Replay cartridge with the 
Ethernet adapter.  I'd love to be able to use that with Contiki, but 
I don't think I can justify the expense right now.

BTW, I first accessed the Internet at 2400 baud, so that's not a huge 
problem for me :^)


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