RR-Net + WarpCopy = :)

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Wed Sep 20 13:32:31 CDT 2006

At 11:26 AM -0400 9/20/06, Bryan Pope wrote:
>With Zane H. getting productive with his C64, I thought I would
>throw in what I finally got working on my C64 setup...
>Last night I was *finally* able to update one of the banks in my
>Retro-Reply with "The Final Replay" rom.  This gives you the command
>"CODENET" which allows you to send and execute code on the C64 from 
>another computer over TCP/IP.  I sent the WarpCopy server and now I 
>am able to archive disk to my PC or send D64 files to be wrote to
>a floppy.  It takes only 22 seconds to send the whole contents of
>a disk to my PC!  Now I just need to find three more drives...
>WarpCopy can be found here: http://www.oxyron.de/html/wc64.html .
>(The Final Replay rom is also available there.)

Nice!  How well does it handle writing D64 images back to a floppy? 
I about went deaf last night while writing an image to my 1541.  My 
old Twinhead 386sx/16 laptop that I use to run Star Commander has a 
battery that's basically dead, and I need to open it up and kill the 
speaker that was howling.

I really want the Retro-Replay cart and RR-Net, but haven't been able 
to justify the cost :^(

How "interesting" is it to get the Retro-Replay working?  I gather 
from looking at the doc's that it doesn't include anything in the 
EPROM's, and that you have to get the ROM images loaded yourself?


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