Anyone interested in this job lot (West Yorkshire, UK)?

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Thu Sep 21 06:45:46 CDT 2006

Hi Simon,

On 9/20/06, Simon Fryer <fryers at> wrote:
> I'll find out of the computer museum at Bletchley Park would like any
> of the items.

Jules Richardson, who works at the Bletchley museum, has already
posted in this thread with what they'd like :)

Jules Richardson wrote:
> [snip] it's perhaps worth rescuing the Tek
> hard-sectored disks for the museum; that's assuming that nobody has a more
> pressing need for them (and their contents!), of course - I just wouldn't want
> to see them go to landfill.

> Small hard disks (particularly SCSI rather than IDE) are also worth rescuing
> if nobody else wants them.

> Oh, I believe we're short a few Sun type 4 keyboards for all of our Sun kit
> (assuming the ten that were listed don't belong with the machines that were
> also listed :-)

> The UPS would be darn handy for the couple of new servers that have been put
> into action recently...

Austin, who's stated that he wants all the Sun kit (though it seems to
be in high demand ;) has let me know that he's happy for all but a
couple of the keyboards to go to Bletchley. I've had no requests so
far for the UPS, box of small harddisks, or the Tek 8" floppies other
than Jules's one (though several people have pointed out that said
floppies should be saved - don't worry, I'm not going to landfill
those even if some of the hardware does go. They will go to somewhere
where they'll be preserved), so I'm guessing that lot goes to
Bletchley (if it can find transport there) unless anyone else wants?

There are most likely enough Sun keyboards that some go to Bletchley,
anyone who wants just one machine can take one, and then some can go
with Austin. I want to be as fair as possible about this :) I'll do a
proper count of them over the next few days and post back here.

John Shadbolt wrote:
> Thanks Ed for offering this grand collection.

No probs. Having been on this list for years, it was my first port of
call for sure :)

> I am particularly interested in the HP-85s and 86Bs,

If you're not thinking of keeping all of these machines, would you be
able to keep in touch with Vassilis, and this list, to find good homes
for the others? I did have some interest when  I initially advertised
them shortly after I rescued them, but being unable to get onto
testing them I wasn't able to do anything further about it.

I would like any ROMs that Vassilis doesn't already have archived in
the collection to go to him first for the use of the
community. Actually, it's not going to take particularly long to pull
the ROM drawers and inventory what I have here - I'll get onto that
within a few days and post back here.

> but could take other stuff too if it helps (eg Sun).

I think some of this Sun kit has found homes several times over by now
;) There's a stack of MicroVAXen you're quite welcome to take on,


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