Commodore keyboards and PCs

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Fri Sep 22 14:19:54 CDT 2006

On 9/22/06, Gordon JC Pearce <gordon at> wrote:
> M H Stein wrote:
> Erm... If you just wanted to encode switch presses to a PS/2 input, why
> not just buy an el-cheapo keyboard for about £2 from your friendly
> neighbourhood computer shop and set about it?  Bit better than the $100...

I just did that with the guts from a USB keyboard - it was free from
the trash... I found out why when I started mapping the matrix... the
white wire (one of the serial wires) had cracked insulation right at
the point the cable entered the keyboard.  The cable was already
soldered to the PCB, so I just made it a few cm shorter and it works
great now.  I was happy I was able to conclusively point to the fault
that caused it to be pitched in the first place... made all the rest
of the work worth it.

All I really needed from it was to have an external trigger switch be
able to send a keystroke for "next page" or "next song" or "next
picture" - I probably would have bought a specialized keyboard
controller that lets you send between 1-3 selectable individual
keypresses, but I've never seen that as a product.


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