New find, Heathkit H89 computer.

dwight elvey dkelvey at
Sun Sep 24 09:53:16 CDT 2006

Hi Bob
There is a group at that you should joint. They have a
reasonable collection of software. They use a image transfer tool that I 
You won't find much on manuals. There is someone that bought the copyright
to all of the HeathKit stuff and watches it closely for infringment.
Software is a different story, being that he was a Ham and mainly interested
in manuals.
It also sounds like you have a hard sectored drive( look at the disk for 11
index holes ). I've converted an old SA400 frame into a punch for hard 
disk. One uses 360K disk. If you are interrested in borrowing, let me know.
I have several manuals as well.
I might be in your area today or sometime soon.

>From: "Bob Shannon" <bshannon at>
>I've just come across a new vintage system.
>I've been given a Heathkit H-89 computer with some documentation and one 
>bootable diskette.
>Its booting HDOS, but I don't have any HDOS specific documentation, just 
>the 'Operation' and
>assembly manuals (the 'Operation' manual is really theory of operation 
>Does anyone have the ability to make a set of 'distribution' HDOS disks 
>(100K floppy)?
>Is CP/M also available, or the Heathkit diagnostics disk?
>I've not been able to find much HDOS documentation on-line, does anyone 
>have pointers?

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