Getting started with HP9000/200

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Sep 25 17:52:19 CDT 2006

> Tony
> > How much memory? My 9817 has 2 megabytes.
> Should be ample.

OK, HP Pascal may be worth a try sometime. Is it related to any other 
Pascal (like, say, the UCSD P-system)?

> Convenience, I suppose, to eliminate disk swapping / floppy drive wear /
> grease problem.  My 9153 continues to function, and I am religious about

Right... Grease problems are a non-issue to me (I've repaired enough of 
said drives to be able to do them blindfolded (well, not literally, but 
you get the idea)). And floppy / floopy drive wear has to be balanced, I 
guess, agaisnt the possiblity of a headcrash on the hard drive...

As regards convenience, if I can fit a BASIC configured the way I want 
(with the necessare I/O drivers) on one disk, and have a second disk for 
my programs, that should be quite useable. I can make backups/images of 
the disks on my PC of course. (I know I can read the distribution disks 
that way because I've done so). 

> cleaning the floppy drive.  And using new or newish floppy disks.

I must admit to nveer having had problesm with my HP floppy drives -- I 
use a 9114 all the time on my handhelds (640K is tons of storage for an 
HP41 :-)). 


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