SCSI cable needed

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Tue Sep 26 12:41:09 CDT 2006

I've been going through a whole mess of stuff trying to get a CD burner 
working here,  one I have won't work at all,  one won't open and close its 
drawer reliably,  and what I finally got to work was an external unit,  a 
Yamaha CRW4260tx.  Not new,  but hey,  it works...

The thing is,  I've currently got it hooked up by having the cover off,  using 
a 50-wire ribbon cable from the rear of the actual drive assembly to the 
internal connector of the Adaptec 2940 that's in the computer,  which also 
has its cover off.  I'd like to put the covers on again,  particularly since 
someone mentioned in here that cooling is critical with those drives,  but to 
do that I need the right cable.

The person I got this stuff from gave me *all* of their SCSI stuff,  they ssy.  
And included in that was a ribbon cable,  but that's apparently for internal 
use as it has three connectors on it and they're all the same size.  I do 
have the book for the burner handy,  and the cable shown in there is round. 
And the connector on the burner (2 of them actually) is *smaller* than the 
external connector on the 2940,  I don't know exactly what you'd call this 

Anybody have such a cable they'd be willing to part with?  I don't have much 
cash to work with at all,  but could probably cover postage,  or maybe trade 
some stuff.

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