Transition panels and racking

David Griffith dgriffi at
Wed Sep 27 15:51:06 CDT 2006

On Wed, 27 Sep 2006, Julian Wolfe wrote:

> I'm trying to organize my PDP11 setup in a neat and tidy fashion, and I'm
> wondering, aside from the DEC transition panels which would be ideal, what
> sort of multi medium transition panels are there that I can attach things
> like multiple RS232 ports and SCSI connectors, etc to?
> The idea I'm after is something akin to the keystone patch panels, but with
> things like full RS232-DB25 that just attach with a plate or something, much
> like the DEC panels.  Anyone seen anything like this?

Have you considered  They have a free
(beer) app with which you design any sort of panel you like.  Then you
upload the design file and get a panel in the post anywhere from one day
to a week or two later.

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