Looking for a BA-356 jumper

Witchy witchy at binarydinosaurs.co.uk
Sat Sep 30 16:21:40 CDT 2006

On Sat, September 30, 2006 1:28 pm, Ed Groenenberg said:
> I got a BA-356 with 6 drives ad it came with a dual channel
> personality module.
> I want to use it as a single channel tray, and according to
> the user guide it needs a jumper connector.

Hi Ed,

The BA356 has its jumper and terminator already installed behind the
blowers, though that it has a dual channel personality module doesn't
necessarily mean the shelf is a split-bus one. If you've powered it up and
it's spun up drives 0, 2, 4 then 1,3,5 etc you just need to swap the
terminator and jumper boards. Remove the blowers on the back and the
jumper cover at the bottom (metal box, it's a pig to remove :o)) then swap
the boards over.

If I was thinking straight I could tell you how to check which board is
connected where by removing the drives and looking at the backplane, maybe
someone else will do that for me :)


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