hp110+ info

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Sat Sep 30 17:39:17 CDT 2006

Frank wrote....
> Turn the Portable Plus off with PAM f8.  Press and hold Extend char
> and Shift, then press and hold f8 for at least five seconds.  When you
> let go it will start up with a diagnostic menu.

That's awesome info Frank, thanks! The diagnostic shows two bad roms, and 
they happen to be the only two high order roms of the only two rom sets in 
the machine (lotus & executive card manager).

Are the rom blanks a common chip? Anyone have images I can download and burn 
(or chips I can borrow & copy)?

I just love the Reflection1 terminal emulation. Someday I may have to dig 
into the rom format. I was thinking (depending on the size of the roms) that 
perhaps I could write a snippet of code that emulates the terminal side of 
the HP 264x bootloader rom, so my 21MX's can boot from the 110 :D

Jay West 

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