RX33 (or RX50) image of XXDP?

Julian Wolfe fireflyst at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 6 13:15:01 CDT 2007

You can create XXDP floppies with the PUTR program and a DOS box, but I'm
not sure exactly how you go about making them bootable and such - as far as
the diagnostics files go, once the image file is created you just copy them
over within PUTR to the image.

I think what you need is covered in the PUTR documentation.

You will need a high density (1.2MB) 5.25" diskette drive and double density
floppies to do this.  High density floppies will not work for RX50

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> Subject: RX33 (or RX50) image of XXDP?
> Thanks to Dave McGuire and Julian Wolfe and helpful responses 
> from many people on this list, I now have a BA23 box with the 
> following
> configuration:
> M8190 KDJ11-B CPU
> M7551 MSV11-Q 4mb memory
> M7555 RQDX3
> M8043 DLV11-J
> RX33 floppy (temporarily stolen from a DECmate III+)
> RD54
> The system starts up and passes the memory test and drops me 
> into the boot code so I think it is working correctly.
> I also have an Emulex ESDI controller and some ESDI drives as 
> well as a Viking SCSI controller but I'm trying to get the 
> system up with just the RQDX3 first.
> My question is, can anyone point me to an RX33 (or RX50) disk 
> image I can use with putr to create an XXDP boot floppy for 
> this system so that I can test and format the RD54?
> Thanks!
> David

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