Doc Shipley doc at mdrconsult.com
Fri Apr 6 20:52:39 CDT 2007

Al Kossow wrote:
> I picked up one of the terminal units for the Computer Museum
> and just took at look at whats inside. It is a repackaged Burroughs
> B25, which is, as you noted, a Convergent 80186 system.
> I'd be interested in seeing pics of the insides of the main
> server unit.
> Convergent OEMed this stuff to lots of people. I think the
> Microdata 1000 may be one as well.
> I found one of a five disc set today for what appears to be
> CTOS rel 9.1-D for the 1000.

   I have a Convergent CP-001 (B26) that boots and runs great from the 
hard drive.  I just don't have any passwords for either the OS or the 
court-reporting app it runs.

   I'd commit an unnatural act for the means to get root on the thing.


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