8-bit ISA SCSI cards?

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Fri Apr 6 23:44:18 CDT 2007

> On Apr 6, 2007, at 1:32 PM, Jim Leonard wrote:
> > I'm restoring a few more 5150s and realized that, although my MFM
> > hardware stores are being depleted, I'm just maggoty with SCSI drives,
> > from 40MB to 18GB.  Can anyone recommend any 8-bit ISA SCSI  
> > adapters by
> > model, name, or whatever I can use to search for them on ebay?

If you're interested in an SCSI adapter-only card (no floppy 
support), a Trantor (or Adaptec) T130/AHA130  or T160/MA160 is pretty 
good.  Boot ROM is optional, so be careful.

I really liked the DTC 3180 (with floppy controller) and 3150 
(without) cards.  IIRC, the 3180 will allow you to place 3 floppy 
drives on a single 34-conductor cable.  I've got the docs somewhere 
for many of the DTC controllers.  These had boot ROMs.

There were other controllers basically using the same NCR chip for 
scanners and the like (no boot ROM)  and also the card (I think just 
called PC2) that came with Bernoulli drives (has boot ROM).

The Seagate ST01 and ST02 controllers were other early PC 8-bit ISA 
controllers.  I've got an ST01 but was never able to make it work 
with any of my (non-Seagate) drives.

While I can't recall, I believe that Future Domain had an 8-bit ISA 
controller and Ultrastor may also have had one.  I can check my old 
catalogs to see.  The biggest problem for some of these is finding 


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