ST506 WTB:Micropolis 1325

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Sat Apr 7 22:56:08 CDT 2007

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> >There were  probabably a few others.  I doubt there were any 3.5"
> >drives over 40 MB, though.
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> Seagate ST151 and 157R, just to name two...

Doh!  That was supposed to read "many", not "any"... I have a largish
(60MB?) MFM drive in a PS/2 Model 30 here.


> >That's certainly close to the largest, if not the absolute largest.
> >DEC took the XT2190 and formatted it at 154MB as the RD54.
> XT1240R: 196MB (RLL2,7) vs XT2190: 159MB (MFM)

I won't dispute that the XT2190 could be formatted to 159MB, but I'm
reasonably certain on a DEC controller like an RQDX3, you got 154MB
after the factory badblock table, etc., was taken away at low-level
format time.

I did not know there was an RLL drive that large, though.  I figured
the world had moved on to ESDI and 5.25" SMD drives by then and
stopped worrying about RLL.


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