8-bit ISA SCSI cards?

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Apr 7 09:17:39 CDT 2007

Jim Leonard wrote:
> I'm restoring a few more 5150s and realized that, although my MFM
> hardware stores are being depleted, I'm just maggoty with SCSI drives,
> from 40MB to 18GB.  Can anyone recommend any 8-bit ISA SCSI adapters by
> model, name, or whatever I can use to search for them on ebay?
> Also, do such 8-bit adapters have an onboard BIOS?  It would be great if
> I didn't have to boot off of a floppy disk just to access the hard
> drive...  I have a CorelSCSI card at home, but when I plug it in it
> doesn't do anything at POST, and I don't have a driver or software to
> test the card anyway :-/
> PS: If anyone knows of any sources for the ADP50 or similarly functional
> 8-bit ISA IDE adapters, that would be much appreciated as well.  Thanks!
Seagate ST-02

(I'm pretty sure that was the model designation)

I used a couple of them years ago... might have one buried around here 
but it would take an incredible effort to find it if still here.

-- Curt

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