ImageDisk update

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sat Apr 7 17:06:33 CDT 2007

On 7 Apr 2007 at 16:04, Jim Leonard wrote:

> Dave Dunfield wrote:
> > I was afraid of that - Getting a 5160 to network (to get the
> > images off) is a little painful - I believe I have an 8088 compatible
> > network client, but all my network cards are 16-bit etc.)
> If you have an Intel Etherexpress 8/16 it will work, but you need to set 
> it up for 8-bit mode whilst in a 16-bit slot first, using the software 
> that comes with it IIRC.  I've heard that most older 3com cards will 
> work in an 8-bit slot if you put them there, but I haven't tried it.

I've got a couple of Artisoft AE-2 cards here--they've got a 16-bit 
ISA edge connector on them but they'll work just fine on 8 bit ISA 
bus.  I can't believe they were the only ones that would work that 


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