HP2100A core memory (period) prices

Bob Shannon bshannon at tiac.net
Sun Apr 8 08:33:50 CDT 2007

I don't seem to have the 'exact' data requested, but I can come close.

I'm looking at the 1969 HP catalog.  This is too early for the 2100A
but it does document the prices for the HP2116B.  I was looking for
2100 or 2116C prices, as the 2100 uses 2116C core modules.

No luck finding that pricing data so far, but here is what I have:

(1969 catalog prices)

HP2116B with 8K words $24,000
HP2116B with 16K words $34,000

Pricing for the 24K and 32K configurations were 'available upon request'.

Note that 8K words of HP core did not always add $10,000 to the price!

HP2114A with 4K words $9,950
HP2114A with 8K words $13,950

Note that the 2114 uses slower core than the 2116 / 2100.
(HP2116 3.2us to store 16 bits, HP2114/5 4.0 us to store 16 bits)

Here is the same info for the very rare HP2115:

HP2115A with 4K words $14,500
HP2115A with 8K words $19,500

Overall, the 1969 pricing was about $1,000 for 1024 words of 17
bits per word, sometimes higher for faster memory.

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>I just received a question from a fellow interested in the pricing of core 
> "How much did this memory cost per bit, byte, or word?  I am doing a
> historical storyboard on the HP2100A used as the data processing system 
> for
> the HP5930A mass spectrometer and I would like to get some hard data on 
> costs
> of core memory."
> Would someone (likely candidates: Jay, Bob :) ) have period price info for 
> a
> core memory module for the HP2100A?
> I will pass on responses as well as suggest that he may wish to 
> temporarily
> join the list to ask other questions about the HP2100A.
> I will also pass on the email addresses of responders (please indicate if 
> you
> don't wish me to do so) should he prefer to address questions directly to 
> those
> more knowledgeable about the HP2100 than I.

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