IBM Portable PC and a scsi drive (john Ball)

john ball ballsandy at
Sun Apr 8 07:47:06 CDT 2007

>There are two unpopulated sockets on my two T130Bs.  One is a 20-pin DIP, 
>which I suspect is probably something like an LS374 and the other is the 
>boot ROM.  For yucks, I'd love a snapshot of the ROM and affirmation of 
>what the other upopulated socket is.  In return, I could verify that your 
>setup's right.

The URL below links to a photograph

>Do you know it's a) working and b) low-level formatted to 512 bytes/sector?

A) yes B) no

>I suspect DOS might just query the fact that there's a drive there, without
any knowledge of whether it'd be capable of reading/writing data.


>I assume the ROM on the SCSI board is taking over control of the system 
>boot - and probably has no knowledge that BASIC is actually lurking in the 
>host system's ROM. If you get to the point of being able to boot DOS from a 
>SCSI disk, I bet there's a way to hop into the system's on-board BASIC via 
>the DOS debug program...

Well I gurss I have no choice but to get to basic through DOS. It means 
lugging an extra disk but I'll do anything to get the onboard BASIC.

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