ST506 WTB:Micropolis 1325

Dave McGuire mcguire at
Sun Apr 8 11:21:09 CDT 2007

On Apr 7, 2007, at 8:42 AM, Steven N. Hirsch wrote:
>> John Kourafas wrote:
>>> Also looking for a Micropolis 1325 MFM Drive, 71/80MB , I've seen  
>>> both the ST506 and Mic. 1325 on eBay for like 600.00 which I  
>>> think is crazy...
>> What's the largest capacity 3.5" MFM HDD available?
> I have an extensive collection of MFM/RLL drives and have _never_  
> run across one with that interface in a 3.5" form-factor.  Not sure  
> that anything of this sort existed.  5.25" 1/2-ht. was about as  
> sophisticated as they got.

   No, they definitely exist, I've installed a great many of them  
into machines years ago.  The company I worked for sold a lot of  
PeeCees (my karma just hasn't been the same) and we used a HardCard  
knock-off extensively; it was a 3.5" MFM drive bolted to a frame  
attached to an MFM controller.  I *think* the drive was made by  
Miniscribe but I am not sure about that.  It was a 20MB drive.

> The largest MFM drive ever made was _probably_ the Maxtor 2190 at  
> 190MB unformatted.  ISTR that there was a logical limit to the  
> number of cylinders due to the control protocol (or perhaps  
> limitations in the PC BIOSes of the time) and physical limits to  
> the number of sectors/cylinder and the number of platters (the 2190  
> had 15 or 17?)

   I believe this is correct.


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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