HP2100A core memory (period) prices

J. David Bryan jdbryan at acm.org
Tue Apr 10 17:48:31 CDT 2007

On 9 Apr 2007 at 19:30, Jay West wrote:

> The 1969 pricing is for the wrong product technically. It was for
> memory for the 2116, which is decidedly NOT a 2100A or 2100S and your
> contact was looking for memory pricing for the 2100A/S specifically. 

The HP Computer Museum has a 1973 2100A price list available:


The list shows memory prices both for factory installation and field 

As the museum is located in Australia, the prices are in Australian 
dollars.  One could convert these to US dollars by determining the exchange 
rate in 1973, or by comparing US prices for items in the Australian list 
from the 1973 HP catalog, which is available from the Vintage HP Archive:


For example, the 12972A tape subsystem lists for A$ 9920 and US$ 13400.

                                      -- Dave

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