World's first computer on ebay!

Chris M chrism3667 at
Wed Apr 11 17:57:40 CDT 2007

--- Tony Duell <ard at> wrote:
> A Tatung Einstein???
> Since when has a Z80-based machine been the first
> computer (or even the 
> first home computer).

 Ok so the dude is a sheister. What should then be
known as the first home computer? Funny, I haven't the
wherewithal to even make a guess at this particular
 It's an interesting looking unit though. I've heard
of it already of course, but frankly I don't recall
ever seeing one (a picture that is).
 According to
 it is very near an MSX style of computer, but
incompatible with such. I'm guessing the Sony SMC-70
series is also very near, though likely not as near as
ths one. I often wonder what it would take to turn it
MSX, and if anyone across the pond busies themself
with such activity...

> 64K of RAM, with a 16K 
> ROM that can replace part of the RAM 
 swap in or out IOWs?
> There's a built-in 3" (not 3.5") floppy drive with a
> WD chip (I think a 
> 1170) to control it. And space for a second drive.

 It will drive a 3.5" floppy as b:, wondering if it
can do it as the a: drive also.
> 'Tube' is a
> pun on 'bus', both 
> being public transport systems in London) 

 I was under the impression Tube was a reference to a
subway (undeground railway). Ah well...

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