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Wed Apr 11 20:58:16 CDT 2007

On 12 Apr 2007 at 0:19, Ensor wrote:

> Hi,
>   > A "cheap and dirty" memory epansion for the Atari 540ST was....
> Here in Europe we had the "520" and the "1040" (and later Mega 1 & Mega 2), 
> did Atari market them under slightly different names in the US, IE "540ST"?

Nope, just a picked of bits in the ol' noggin.  520 and 1040.  I 
should remember that now that tax time approacheth. :-) (The base 
Federal income tax form in the USA is known as a "Form 1040" and is 
dreaded and despised by all).  Let's see, I have seven wives, all 
over 65 and blind, that's 21 deductions...

When the 16K DRAMs were first coming out, there was a serious 
shortage of them for a time (yields were very low), so the "half 
good" parts were better than nothing.  The moment the manufacturers 
got 16Ks popping out at a reasonable yield rate, the "half goods" 
disappeared like a bad dream.


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