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Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Wed Apr 11 21:29:06 CDT 2007

 >Allison wrote:

>One last item  The RD53 and RD54 drives run hot (around 35W) and lots of 
>cooling was one way to insure they lasted longer.  Heat is the enemy
>of those older drives and it is not unusual to find a system there the 
>fans were dead or clogged and the drives failed..
Jerome Fine replies:

Heat is the enemy of every drive, some more than others.
Most current 3.5" multi-GB drives generate so little
internal heat that it is not a problem.

Whereas, with any of my 5 1/4" ESDI drives, and ESPECIALLY
my Hitachi 600 MB FULL HEIGHT drives, I used to stack them
3 high (with a DC600A tape plastic case in-between to prevent
contact - just seemed to be best and I had a lot of spare
tapes) with a fan just an inch away used to cool them.  In
addition, I used a PC power supply for all of the hard drives
and the fan rather than using the power supply from the BA123
box.  This seems to provide a longer life for the BA123.

However, by trial and error (well mostly error), I found that
the TK50 and the TK70 tape drives MUST be powered directly
from the BA123.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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