xt/370 e-mail problem and stacked memory chips illustrated

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Thu Apr 12 15:26:06 CDT 2007

 > Does anyone on the list collect non-IBM S/360 or S/370 "clones"?
 > there was a  firm called Two-Pi that in the early 80's was successful
 > enough to be purchased by Four Phase.

CHM has an Amdahl 470 and a Siemens 4004 (RCA Spectra).

There were lots of people who built byte-oriented machines with instruction
sets similar to the 360 and I know there are people who have Interdata, and
Univac 9x00 machines. Memorex built a 16 bit 360 like machine, and I have some
docs and software for that.

The artifacts of these sorts of machines haven't been preserved very well. Same
for Burroughs, Univac and NCR (business as opposed to scientific computers).

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