xt/370 e-mail problem and stacked memory chips illustrated

davis davis at saw.net
Fri Apr 13 04:38:51 CDT 2007

Al Kossow wrote:

> > Does anyone on the list collect non-IBM S/360 or S/370 "clones"?
> > there was a  firm called Two-Pi that in the early 80's was successful
> > enough to be purchased by Four Phase.
> CHM has an Amdahl 470 and a Siemens 4004 (RCA Spectra).
> There were lots of people who built byte-oriented machines with 
> instruction
> sets similar to the 360 and I know there are people who have 
> Interdata, and
> Univac 9x00 machines. Memorex built a 16 bit 360 like machine, and I 
> have some
> docs and software for that.
> The artifacts of these sorts of machines haven't been preserved very 
> well. Same
> for Burroughs, Univac and NCR (business as opposed to scientific 
> computers).
The Interdata 7-8/16-32 machines did emulation in microcode of the 360 
architecture. I got the chance to use one back in 1975.
Hard to tell how slow it was, Since everything seemed fast in those days.

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